#19 Meet Miriam

Dec 10, 2019

Meet Miriam, a loving and nurturing caregiver for children in residence at GSF.

“I thought God didn’t care about me anymore. I had no work and my family was mad at me for getting pregnant in high school. Through GSF, God has brought back hope, love, and happiness in me. Now I have work, and I earn enough money to take care of my lovely son and my family too. I also now have courage to stand no matter what happens in my life.

“I want to share this testimony because there are many young ladies out there facing what I share, so I just want to encourage them to put their faith in God; He will help them stand again.”

Miriam, GSF Caregiver

Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the joy of seeing how God has transformed not only individuals but entire families and generations. Follow along to hear incredible stories of God’s hand at work transforming families, schools, and communities. We are telling stories that have been made possible by generous partners like you!

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