A Continued Impact

May 8, 2022

Have you ever visited Good Shepherd’s Fold? If so, you may recognize David, fondly referred to as “Big David.” David’s service to Good Shepherd’s Fold over the past 25 years has dramatically impacted the ministry. From planting a church in our local community to pouring into the lives of tailoring students through discipleship and training, David has embodied our mission. Yet, when you talk to David, he does not boast of what he has done, but rather what the Lord has done in and through him during his time at GSF.

David retired from his position as Tailoring Program Manager at GSF this year. Although his physical presence at GSF is winding up, David’s impact will continue through outreach in his own community.

We sat down and talked with David about this transition, and we would love to share some of his words:

“I really feel honored that I have been part of what God is doing in GSF. For the years that I have been here, I have seen God answering prayers. I have seen life change. My life has changed so much.

“All I have received in GSF has placed a burden in my heart to see that other people have a changed life like mine. To those neglected and left out, I want to share with them the testimony and the skill that I have received. I want to share the hope of Christ with them. That is my passion: to share Christ while teaching the skills of sewing. Everything we need is in Christ.

“I hope to continue teaching tailoring but now in a bigger way. I want to give other people an opportunity to share this dream with me. This is all about Christ and God using me for something big. I cannot do it alone, but I am moving in obedience.

We eagerly anticipate all that the Lord will continue to do through David. Would you pray for David as he pursues discipleship and tailoring training in his community?

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