How We Serve


Transforming Education

The GSF Education Program seeks to provide and promote Christian education through the Nursery & Primary School, Scholarship Program, and International School

The Nursery & Primary School is a Christian private school situated in the small village of Buwundo, Uganda. “Christian education brings the biblical viewpoint to bear on every subject and activity in the school programme; it is Bible based and emphasizes Biblical Worldview, Spiritual Formation and knowledge, as well as skills” (Samuel Davis Hiire, ACSI Uganda). This is done through our weekly devotions, Bible camps, integration of God’s Word into the classroom, school outreaches, and family groups. We help each student reach their full potential academically and provide special classes for children with learning disabilities. In addition to providing a great Christian education, Good Shepherd’s Fold feeds the school children breakfast and lunch each day.

The Special Education School works to meet the educational needs of students with moderate to severe disabilities. This is done through specialized curriculum focusing on life skills and academics using alternative methods for teaching.  The GSF special education school integrates with our nursery and primary schools in social events, sports, celebrations and other ways.  Our desire is to embody God’s heart for students with disabilities by providing a safe, fun, and educational environment with love and acceptance. 

The Scholarship Program, offered to students who previously resided at GSF, provides Christ-centered higher education, vocational training, mentorship, and medical care for a growing generation of leaders in Uganda. During the school breaks, GSF hosts the students for conferences covering everything from Biblical manhood & womanhood to study tips. It is our desire that GSF Scholarship Students would be equipped academically and spiritually to be thriving members of their communities and local churches.

The International School (GSFIS) provides a Christ-centered education for students in kindergarten through 12th grade with the goal of preparing the students to passionately serve God in whatever He has planned for their life after high school graduation. Our ultimate goal is to bring honor and glory to the Lord through our teaching and discipleship of the students we serve. Click here to learn more about the GSF International School.