Good Shepherd’s Fold

International School

Transforming Education

The GSF International School (GSFIS) exists to provide a Christ-centered education for the children who attend our school so that they are prepared to passionately serve God in whatever He has planned for their life after high school graduation. Because of this, we call ourselves a “Kingdom Preparatory” school, not simply a “college preparatory” school.

Our ultimate goal is to bring honor and glory to the Lord through our teaching and discipleship of the students we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels are taught at GSFIS?
Good Shepherd’s Fold International School enrolls students from kindergarten through 12th grade.
What does a day at school look like for the students?
The school day begins at 8:45 with a “morning meeting.” Students may arrive up to fifteen minutes before the beginning of the school day. Supervision will not be guaranteed earlier. Students have ten minute breaks between classes and eat lunch from 12:50–1:30. The school day ends at different times for different students depending on their age and their schedule. The last classes of the day will be finished at 3:30. On Fridays students will learn from home with assignments posted online.
Is GSFIS a boarding school?
We do not offer boarding or accommodation for students enrolled at Good Shepherd’s Fold International School.
What curriculum is used?
GSFIS is an “American” school, which means we are aligned with American standards for grade-level expectations and overall educational outcomes. We use a variety of publishers and curricula. Some of our texts are “Christian” while others are secular. We see the text as a tool to be implemented by a wise and discerning teacher and therefore the curriculum does not “drive” the course. The teacher is the guide and has the freedom, in consultation with their administrator, to use whichever materials will best aid learning.
Do you provide transcripts?
We will provide a transcript of all high school courses completed through our school. Any courses taken elsewhere will need their own documentation as we are not able to vouch for their content or rigor.
Is GSFIS accredited?
GSF International School is not accredited by any organization. We are a “member school” of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and are working toward accreditation with this organization. We submit transcripts to colleges as a “homeschool.” This is one reason why standardized testing is essential for our students who wish to apply to various colleges and universities. A College Board administered test such as the SAT serves as an independent reference point from which to view a student’s GPA and high school transcript.
How much is tuition?

There is no cost for the children of GSF Missionaries.

The cost to Global Outreach (non GSF) missionary children is:

  • Elementary (K-5th grade): $1,750/child per year
  • Middle and Upper school (6th-12th): $2,000/child per year

The cost for the children of families not affiliated with Global Outreach is:

  • Elementary (K-5th grade): $3,500/child per year
  • Middle and High School (6th– 12th): $4,000/child per year

These figures are for the 2023/2024 school year. Tuition is subject to change.

Is transportation provided?
Yes, the cost of tuition now covers transportation between Jinja and Good Shepherd’s Fold.