How We Serve

Community Development

Transforming Communities in Uganda

GSF Community Development seeks to transform communities by engaging, supporting, and empowering the members of surrounding villages. We believe the gospel transforms communities, and it is within the context of relationships that we see faith, hope, dignity, and love gain root.

Our approach to community development is relational and in partnership with local churches. Our programs include the following:

  • Infant feeding program to support malnourished babies
  • Elderly feeding program that serves the elderly and marginalized
  • Therapy for children living with special needs
  • Agriculture support through Farming God’s Way
  • Tailoring program
  • Empowerment and discipleship trainings
  • Trauma healing
  • Educational scholarships
  • Evangelism

The gospel is the foundation of the GSF Community Development programs; we strive for both physical and spiritual transformation!