Community Development

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Transforming Communities in Uganda

GSF Community Development seeks to empower, edify and engage the staff at GSF, those in the Mercy Ministry programs, and the churches and schools in the surrounding communities to make disciples and impact the world for Christ.

We work to propel innovative development and movements of personal, economic, and spiritual growth among the most vulnerable and under-resourced families. Beginning with the relief efforts of physical aid, medical care, and scholarships, we establish personal relationships with each person, visiting in their homes, listening to and empathizing with them, learning with and from them, praying with them, and involving their relatives, neighbours, community leaders, and church leaders. We furthermore facilitate relationships by bringing program participants together in fellowship and learning. Out of the relief efforts and in the fellowships, we seek to establish a foundation of community development in the Gospel, for faith, hope, dignity, and love to gain root. On this foundation, we build skills into their lives, including “Farming God’s Way,” literacy, ESL, math and business, parenting skills, trauma healing, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, tailoring, and evangelism.

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