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About Child Sponsorship

GSF’s Sponsorship Program gives you an opportunity to make a life-long impact on the life of a child. Although the monetary component of this program is instrumental to the monthly operation of GSF, the relationship formed between the Sponsor and child is the most important part. Child Sponsorship is $35 a month, and 100% of your sponsorship dollars go toward your Sponsor Child’s care.

My Sponsors are like a family to me.

Elvis, GSF Sponsor Child
Sponsor a Child

What Sponsorship Provides for a Child

A meaningful relationship

Discipleship and counseling

A Christian education

Comprehensive medical care

A safe home environment

3 meals a day

Frequently Asked Questions

The process to sponsor a child is simple.

Child Sponsorship

and the GSF Sponsorship Coordinator will be in contact with you to finalize the details.
GSF is fully responsible for the care and welfare of all the children
living in the GSF homes. We strive toward a family atmosphere as much as
possible. Funds are pooled to enable us to equitably provide for all of
the children in our care according to each child’s needs, not just those
who have sponsors.
Each sponsor receives at least 3 letters per year from their sponsored
child, in addition to an annual update on the welfare of your sponsored
child.  GSF also sends a brief “Sponsorship Corner” e-mail each month,
exclusively for our child sponsors.

The easiest way is to write to them online! You may also send them a note; our children love to receive photographs and handmade artwork in the mail.

All letters can be mailed to:

Good Shepherd’s Fold
Box 1281
Jinja, Uganda

Yes, you are welcome to send packages to your sponsor child!

All packages can be mailed to:

Good Shepherd’s Fold
Box 1281
Jinja, Uganda. Please include your child’s name on the outside of the package.

We suggested that you keep your package very simple.  A card, pictures of you and your family, or small packages will mean a lot. Due to the cultural differences, please be sure the photos are modest in nature and do not show bare abdomens or thighs.

Suggested items to mail:

  • Stationary
  • Art / Craft items
  • Toys – age / gender appropriate
  • Games – age appropriate
  • Educational toys / games
  • Books – Christian theme & educational
  • Candy (please pack in Ziploc bag)
  • Girl items – hygiene, nail polish, etc.
  • Boy items – hygiene, hats, etc.
  • Under garments
  • Clothing

*Please do not send iPods, mp3 players, or movies.

Gifts of $10 are significant for a child in Uganda.  Gifts above this amount will be used towards the care of all the children through the General Fund.

GSF will then either purchase an item for the child or take the child shopping. This is always a treat, especially for the older children.

For Child Sponsors

Make a Sponsorship Donation
Write to Your Sponsor Child
Send a Gift to Your Sponsor Child
Have a Question? Contact us!