#18 Meet Ruth

Dec 6, 2019

Meet Ruth, a dedicated teacher here at the GSF Nursery School. She’s played an instrumental role in integrating children with special needs into the classrooms at GSF, and we are honored by her service for the last 14 years!

“I came to Good Shepherd’s Fold 14 years ago as a teacher, and the head of the education department mentored me on how to handle preschoolers and children with special needs. I have seen God’s faithfulness with these children; they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Glory be to God!
“GSF has had a great and helpful impact on my life. Because of GSF, I can support my family and be a blessing to others. I can integrate the Bible while teaching, stand boldly and share the Word of God, and interpret for people as they preach. I have acquired many skills. I am grateful for everything GSF has done for me.”
Ruth, GSF Nursery Teacher
Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the joy of seeing how God has transformed not only individuals but entire families and generations. Follow along to hear incredible stories of God’s hand at work transforming families, schools, and communities. We are telling stories that have been made possible by generous partners like you!

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