#20 Meet Lazarus

Dec 13, 2019

Meet Lazarus. Lazarus and his wife benefit from the GSF elderly feeding program, a ministry that assists vulnerable elderly in the community by providing basic necessities, discipleship, and training opportunities.

“Before my wife and I came to GSF, we were desperate. We had no one to help. We were too old to get a job in the sugar cane fields, and we were surviving on God’s mercy.

“Since we came to GSF, our lives have not been the same. We found a home and a place where we belong. GSF gives us food, medical care, and the gospel. We had a house, but it had no windows; GSF helped us put windows and built a latrine for us. We never used to have friends who loved us unconditionally. But in GSF, we know we have unconditional love through Christ. We live each day with hope of tomorrow.

“It’s because of the devotions at GSF that my wife and I received Christ last year. God has brought us from a destitute situation to hope, peace, love, and grace in Christ. We have hope of eternal life in heaven.

“I would like to encourage people, especially the elderly who have no children like us, that in Christ you have more than children; you have a family that loves you. People like my wife and me should not give up. There’s hope in Christ. He loved us even when we were still sinners.

“I call upon all who do not know Christ to come to Him so that you can have life in peace, joy, and love.”

Lazarus, GSF Community Development Beneficiary

Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the joy of seeing how God has transformed not only individuals but entire families and generations. Follow along to hear incredible stories of God’s hand at work transforming families, schools, and communities. We are telling stories that have been made possible by generous partners like you!

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