The Heartbeat of GSF

Mar 24, 2021

We talk about thriving families, but how do we go about holistically building them? We want to introduce you to Margaret, a loving mother to a little boy who previously lived at GSF.

“My child was a healthy baby, but he got sick and started deteriorating. He used to lie on his back, and the only thing he could do was feed himself. I used to leave him in the house. I was so worried; I thought my child was going to die and I had no idea what was wrong with him.

“Someone advised me to seek help from Good Shepherd’s Fold. I did not know anything about the organization and was not sure I would receive help. I thank God so much for the help I received through GSF.

“Now my son can sit in a chair without support, and he looks so good. I thank God that my child is still alive. Thinking about what God has done for me brings tears of joy.”
– Margaret

Holistically building thriving families is the heartbeat of GSF, and it is our prayer that every child would have the opportunity to flourish in the context of a thriving family. One way we strive to accomplish this is by partnering with like-minded organizations like Imprint Hope.

We would like to thank Imprint Hope for providing training to Margaret and her son prior to their reunification. Since reunification, Margaret and her son are visited weekly by a GSF social worker who provides ongoing support and counseling. After 6 weeks of live-in training at Imprint Hope, we are confident that Margaret is more equipped than ever to help her child with special needs thrive.

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