Double Your Gift

Dec 23, 2020

I hope you have seen the impact stories being shared through our communication channels recently. In this challenging year, we are grateful for the ways we have seen God at work meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It’s beautiful to see hope arise in hurting people.

God has been at work behind the scenes through a newly-formed GSF Ambassador Committee. This small group has been advocating for the staff, children, and communities in Uganda… and for you!

With a goal of raising $250,000 for the ministry of GSF by the end of the year, the Ambassador Committee raised a $115,000 matching fund from a handful of partners before the campaign launched publicly. The committee and the initial donors want to double your donation and spur you on to establish GSF for the coming year of ministry. You can launch a 2021 impact story with a gift right now!

The $250,000 Ambassador Fund goal includes $25,000 of funding to cover lost income due to COVID and another $25,000 of COVID-related projects, which are enabling GSF to adjust to new guidelines. Two copier machines and a motorcycle are among the resources allowing the education team to produce and deliver academic materials to students at home. 250 educational packets were distributed again last week! Teachers and social workers are conducting many home visits as gatherings are restricted, and schools remain largely closed in Uganda.

Since Thanksgiving week, GSF has seen over $68,000 contributed toward that overall goal of $250,000. Together with the $115,000 challenge fund we are more than 70% toward our overall target! Thank you for standing with us in the ministry of GSF!

I would love to invite you to double your gift through the matching fund generated by the Ambassador Committee. The stories we share happen through your prayers and support of the ministry. As the Ambassadors have challenged us to move forward, will you join us with a gift at the end of this year?

Grateful for your partnership,
Mark Gwartney, GSF Team Leader


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