Sowing Seeds

Jul 28, 2021

Nearly 4 weeks ago we asked you to join us in prayer as we navigate another lockdown. With the ramifications of a total lockdown significantly impacting our community, we asked you to pray as we waited on the Lord for His guidance. God is answering your prayers!

Uganda is an agricultural society.

In rural areas, including where GSF is located, many people provide food for their families through farming. Due to the lockdown, subsistence farmers in our community have had difficulty obtaining the seeds they need to plant food in their gardens.

Rainy season is imminent and farmers need to plant the seeds as soon as the rains begin in order to yield a good harvest.

With that reality clearly in view, a local church partner and our senior district government official both indicated the same need for families across our district – to get quality seeds to farming families as soon as possible.  As a ministry, we see God leading us to sow the seeds of His love by providing corn, bean, and vegetable seeds to families in our community who have farms and gardens. Distributing seeds will empower our community to recover from the latest lockdown by providing meals for their families for months to come.

Would you be willing to help us provide seeds for the farming families in our community? We need to raise $1,650 to provide 500 families with the seeds they need to plant their gardens before the rains begin. That means it costs just $3.30 for every family, and we are hoping to buy the first supply of seeds on Friday.

Will you partner with us to equip our farming community? Partner with GSF

If the goal of $1,650 is exceeded, you will enable us to fulfill even more needs, including COVID-19 medical expenses, educational materials for students currently studying from home and ongoing efforts to build thriving families and transform communities for Christ!

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