#9 Meet Nagibu

Nov 5, 2019

“I was in Primary 2 when I joined GSF. By that time, my mother had separated with my father. My grandmother was struggling to pay my school fees and this was a big challenge, but God never left me alone.

“God showed His faithfulness through GSF by helping me get a GSF Village Scholarship. This scholarship came when I had no hope that I could continue with my studies due to lack of school fees. I was a Muslim by that time, but Teacher Peter helped me to know the truth about Jesus, and now I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Savior!

“I am grateful for my scholarship and I am proud of GSF. GSF has helped me to find the truth about Jesus and support my education.”

Nagibu, GSF Primary Student 

Nagibu’s education is possible because of you; his tuition is covered entirely through the GSF Village Scholarship Program. As you read through Nagibu’s testimony, please be in prayer for all the P7 students here. This week the GSF Primary 7 students are taking the Primary Leaving Exam, which is a national exam to determine if they qualify to continue their education.

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