#10 Meet Penlope

Nov 8, 2019

Meet Penlope, the Community Development Manager who has spent the last 5 years dedicated to promoting sustainable growth in the communities around GSF. 

“I used to doubt myself before coming to work at GSF. I was a born again Christian, but I did not fully understand salvation. I had never stood before a congregation and shared Christ. Now it’s part of me. I feel confident to minister to others, and I have learned that it is only Christ that takes me to heaven; I am nothing without Him.
“This morning at GSF I shared Christ with a husband and wife that came to me with a malnourished child. I could see they needed help. I started by asking them spiritual questions about Jesus Christ. I ended up sharing the gospel with them, and they confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!”
Penlope, GSF Community Development Manager


This year we prayed that 100 individuals would trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through the ministries of GSF. Praise God with us, because He is truly working in amazing ways. As of today, we have witnessed 300 people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ in 2019! Pray that God would continue growing His family in Uganda.

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