Meet Kintu

Dec 14, 2020

We grieve alongside this father who recently lost his baby boy, a beneficiary of the GSF Infant Feeding Program.

“When we lost our son, I felt so heartbroken. Sometimes we have questions: why did it happen, why us, or why at this point? It hurts us mostly when we see children of the same age as ours. But we know that our son is with the Lord and he is in a good place.

“Amidst all I thank God for His provision and faithfulness. We did our best and God works in amazing ways. He brought people in our lives who became family to us. My wife gave her life to Christ. Though it has been a difficult time, God has been right beside us and I cannot stop being grateful.

“I pray for GSF to never stop helping people in need; you give us hope.” Kintu, Community Development Participant

Please be praying for Kintu’s family.

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