Meet Isaiah & Norah

Dec 1, 2020

Meet Isaiah and Norah, valuable members of the GSF team who have grown their beautiful family through foster care. God is working in amazing ways to holistically build thriving families and transform communities for His glory, and YOU can be part of it!

“In 2020, we are struggling with COVID-19, but God has provided us with so many things: feeding us, giving us shelter, keeping us from sickness, and growing our family through foster care.

“What inspired my wife Norah and me to foster a child from GSF, it was to show the world that they can bring hope to children without a home. All together we are having 5 children, and they are living a happy life. We are so grateful to God for that. We live in a very small home, but God has blessed us; He works in a way we do not expect.

“Fostering a child has brought happiness to my children. They play together, and they are always doing chores together. We are one family all together.

“What I can say to people out there: let’s show these children love. God does exist, and these children are blessings from God. When you foster a child, God uses this child to bless you in a different way. He brings happiness, joy, and impact to our lives.

“When I was young, I would say ‘when I get a lot of money I will do this and that.’ But I realized I don’t need that. You can serve God with the very little that you have.” Isaiah and Norah, Foster Parents and GSF Staff Members

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