Impact Education

Sep 29, 2020

2020 has been a unique year full of unexpected opportunities. In the midst of a nation-wide lockdown here in Uganda, much-needed food and supplies were provided to 11,800 members of our community, tangibly demonstrating God’s care and love in a time of crisis. We are in awe of God’s goodness!

Uganda has eased many COVID-19 restrictions, but schools are still closed. We are again facing a unique opportunity, and this time it is to reach the 385 GSF Nursery & Primary Students and 30 GSF Scholarship students who are currently out of school.

After prayerfully adjusting our 2020 plans across the ministry, GSF is focusing on the emerging educational crisis in new and creative ways. We want to invite you to impact the lives of hundreds of students!

1. GSF is distributing educational packets for distance learning to every GSF school student and the primary school students in our local village! Every $10 provides one student a month with educational materials. With 2 months of school remaining and over 400 students in need, we need at least $8,000 to meet this need! So far we have been able to distribute 770 educational packets, each containing 1 month of school materials!

2. Producing and distributing these educational packets requires a great deal of printing! We need to purchase a photocopier and supplies ($3,400) and a “boda boda” motorcycle ($1,200) to distribute packets in the villages. These two pieces of equipment are essential right now and will be useful in years to come! Update: the funding needed to purchase the photocopier has been provided!

3. We have a window of opportunity to improve our school facility and expand the learning areas in order to provide adequate space when school resumes. We need $6,500 to fulfill this need!

4. All areas of the ministry have adjusted plans for the second half of the year. Your gift of any amount will enable us to fulfill another $14,400 of funding needs and requests due to COVID-19.

Thank you for partnering with us to fulfill our vision of thriving families, transformed communities for Christ.


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