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“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Romans 10:15

 Summertime is the season for short-term missions teams at Good Shepherd’s Fold! GSF hosted six teams this summer, bringing love from Ireland, America, and places in-between. Teams give Good Shepherd’s Fold the opportunity to reach places, meet people, and minister in fresh ways, all while giving us a new perspective of the ministry. A team hailing from Georgia ministered to the community by offering eye-checks and diagnosis. Another team brought their passion for education to the GSF nursery and primary school as well as a government school in a nearby village, where 10 students trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. These outreaches give our staff new opportunities as the teams come alongside, reaching even to the islands in Lake Victoria with one group. There are myriad ways for individuals and teams to plug into the ministry at Good Shepherd’s Fold, and it is a blessing to watch God use the hands and feet of short-term missionaries to spur on His daily work here.
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