Life Learners

Twenty-four members of the community proved that it is never too late to learn. Good Shepherd’s Fold partnered with  Development Companions International to offer Adult Literacy Education through GSF Community Development. The program was a two and a half year commitment for the students, and it covered 6 content areas: Arithmetic, Health, Rights & Responsibilities, Agriculture, Christian Education, and English.  Why is English a valuable language to learn in Uganda? Although there are over 40 languages in Uganda, English and Swahili are the two official languages!

GSF Community Development Social Worker, Penelope, led the 3 hour class every Monday and Friday and was inspired by the students’ willingness to learn. “The commitment and eagerness of the students was inspiring to me. The more they learned, the more they became active participants in the class,” Penelope remarked. Learning basic literacy skills is a great achievement at any age, but these students were exceptional; they ranged in age from 18 to 78 years old!

Thank you for your partnership with the ministry that enables Good Shepherd’s Fold to transform communities for Christ.

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