A COVID-19 Update

Apr 3, 2020

COVID-19 officially reached Uganda just two weeks ago. With 45 confirmed cases, we are taking precautions to ensure GSF staff, residents, children, and students are healthy and protected. In response to COVID-19, the government of Uganda has established regulations to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. We are thankful for the Ugandan government and their approach to protecting the people of Uganda. New directives from Uganda’s President and the Ministry of Health mean that ministry looks a bit different these days. We want to walk you through each area of ministry and give you an idea of our current “normal.”

All schools were closed as a protective measure prior to the first confirmed case of COVID-19. On March 20th, GSF sent all students home from the GSF Nursery & Primary School and the GSF MK School until permission is given to reconvene. Our 30 scholarship students were also retrieved from their secondary, university and vocational schools and returned to their homes.  Most students in Uganda do not have the capability to do online learning, so studies are largely suspended.

Suspension of most forms of transport and gatherings of more than 5 people has made Community Development programs challenging to continue. However, with special permission from the local government officials, we are still able to distribute milk and food to the participants on the infant and elderly feeding programs!  This is done by leaving supplies at our main gate so that the beneficiaries can collect them without personal interaction.

We are taking extensive measures to ensure the 52 children in residence at GSF are sheltered from coronavirus. With half of the children being immunocompromised, and therefore high-risk, it is our highest priority to keep the children protected and healthy. All the children’s homes are outfitted with disinfectants, hand sanitizers, trained caregivers and daily medical screenings. During our current 2-week lockdown, all childcare staff are being housed on campus, including the medical team of two nurses and one clinical officer.

The GSF farm workers are able to continue working the gardens on the campus without interacting with the residents. This is helping secure food for the ministry!

Thanks to your support of the ministry, all staff are being paid, including those who are unable to come to work with the present restrictions.  This is vital for the well-being of their families throughout this difficult time.

We pray that God would use this time to make His name known in greater ways here in Uganda! Here are some specific ways you can pray for us during this time:

  1. Pray for protection and provision for the GSF students who are home. These students typically receive two meals every day while at GSF; pray for adequate food and medical care for each of them.
  2. Pray that the Community Development participants would lean on the discipleship and training they have received from GSF and use this opportunity to share the Gospel with their neighbors.
  3. Pray for the children in residence at Good Shepherd’s Fold. Pray for health and protection, especially for those who are immunocompromised.
  4. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the staff and leadership of GSF who are making many difficult decisions in the midst of the pandemic.
  5. Pray for provision for GSF as we face challenges of increased prices for food and supplies while simultaneously securing enough food to carry the ministry through the Presidential directives.
  6. Pray for the hope of Jesus Christ to be known throughout Uganda in the midst of this global pandemic!


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