#16 Meet Adam

Nov 29, 2019

Meet Adam, a former GSF Primary Student through the GSF Village Scholarship Program and current GSF Scholarship Student.

“I used to think that God is not there. I had no hope of going to school after the death of my parents. I stayed with a grandmother who could not afford to send me to school, so she decided to keep me home. But God is good all the time. I got an opportunity to join the GSF Scholarship Program, which has taken care of my educational needs from 2011 up to now.

“I share this testimony because I had no hope, but I got an opportunity of studying. God has done it all through GSF.”

Adam, GSF Scholarship Student

Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the joy of seeing how God has transformed not only individuals but entire families and generations. Follow along to hear incredible stories of God’s hand at work transforming families, schools, and communities. We are telling stories that have been made possible by generous partners like you!

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