Better Together

Do you remember Joshua? Joshua came to GSF on his first day of life back in February. The tragedy of Joshua’s mother dying during childbirth had his family in grief and crisis, and GSF stepped in to provide emergency care. Joshua was with us for less than a month before he fell sick with neonatal sepsis. After an emergency trip to one of the best hospitals in Kampala and extensive treatment, Joshua recovered and became healthy and well. Such advanced medical care would not have been possible for Joshua’s family apart from GSF’s assistance, and it is possible that Joshua’s life would have been cut short had he not been brought to GSF. The Lord determined otherwise, though, and after 7 months of providing a loving home for Joshua and stabilizing his family, GSF reunified Joshua with his father and older siblings. Joshua is better together with his family now. And although his time at GSF spanned 7 months, the impact that you made on Joshua’s life will stay with him forever.

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