A House to Call Home

Abandoned. Confused. Desperate.

Shakira was at a loss. After giving birth to a precious baby boy, named Fahad, her family immediately disavowed her at the time she needed them most. Why? Fahad was born without arms. Shakira’s love for Fahad ran deep, and she went to her aunt for help. Shakira’s aunt happened to live in Kikube, a neighboring village to GSF. She advised Shakira to come to GSF to see if we could provide therapy for Fahad. GSF welcomed Fahad, and our therapists provided regular training for Shakira, teaching her to do daily therapy with her little boy. Shakira joined a literacy class at GSF and is learning to read and write. She was also taught practical skills, like how to farm efficiently using Farming God’s Way methods. Through it all, GSF saw evidence of God working in Shakira’s heart.

Motivated. Hopeful. Confident.

Shakira became a model parent for the nine other caregivers to special needs children in our Mercy Ministry Program.  God is now using Shakira to train and encourage  other caregivers in the community.

Over the last several weeks, the GSF Community Development department constructed a house for Shakira to live in as she supports and trains the other caregivers of children with special needs on the GSF Mercy Ministry Program. Shakira and Fahad are moving into their new home this week. Help us dedicate this house to the Lord by praying for the Holy Spirit to reign over the home. In a country where disabilities are often seen as a curse, pray that this home would be a testimony of the love of Jesus Christ and  the sanctity of all lives.

Please consider supporting the discipleship, training, and empowerment of the children with special needs and caregivers in our community by donating here.

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