A Heart-Pounding Sports Day

Pictured Above (L to R): Penlope, Outreach Social Worker; Aisha, Accountant/Bursar; and Sharon, Tailoring Intern.

The GSF Annual Staff Sports Day was full of highlights, but none more special than the presence of the young lady pictured above right.  Sharon is a 20-year-old tailoring intern here.  She didn’t run the 100 meters or show off fancy footwork in the soccer match or even participate in the rather benign “egg walk.”  No gold medals for Sharon.  What is the highlight for someone whose heart rate didn’t increase in the least?

Seven months ago, Sharon’s heart wasn’t beating AT ALL.  That’s right; her heart was stopped completely.  Sharon was lying on an operating table at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.  The open-heart surgery that GSF had arranged turned more complicated and the doctors had to bring Sharon’s heart to a complete stop for 10 minutes in order to repair the additional damage they had found.  Sharon had no pulse. By most people’s understanding, she was dead.

Seven months later, you can imagine the testimony and the joy that exudes from Sharon’s life, just by her simple presence.  There was rousing competition that day, yet the heartbeat that was most exhilarating was not that of the 100m winner, nor of the diving finish of the sack race.  The most amazing heartbeat of the day belonged to Sharon, who was just happy to be there… at GSF Staff Sports Day!



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