#22 Meet Penninah

Dec 20, 2019

Meet Penninah, a skilled social worker who has spent the last 6 years ministering to the children in residence at GSF as the Childcare Manager.

“I work with the children in residence at GSF on a daily basis, and seeing the housemothers care for the children has inspired me and helped me to embrace motherhood.

“I have also learned a lot from the GSF children! Every evening, the GSF children have family devotions with their housemother. Their voices fill the campus; I love to hear them singing! At times I join them for devotions, and I can see that these children know the God they are praising and have a relationship with Christ.

“Children’s lives are changed at GSF. When children come into residence, God uses many people to impact their lives. And when the children are reunified with their families, the impact goes beyond the child; it reaches the entire family and community.”

Penninah, Childcare Manager

Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the joy of seeing how God has transformed not only individuals but entire families and generations. Follow along to hear incredible stories of God’s hand at work transforming families, schools, and communities. We are telling stories that have been made possible by generous partners like you!

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