Community Development

#25 Meet Sharon

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Meet Sharon, a mother of twins who came to Good Shepherd's Fold seeking help for her son. Sharon's experience at GSF inspired her to put her trust in God! Partner with Us! Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth [...]

#20 Meet Lazarus

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Meet Lazarus. Lazarus and his wife benefit from the GSF elderly feeding program, a ministry that assists vulnerable elderly in the community by providing basic necessities, discipleship, and training opportunities. "Before my wife and I came to GSF, we were desperate. We had no one to help. We were too old to get a job in the [...]

#12 Meet Lydia

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Meet Lydia, a mother who came to GSF 6 months ago seeking help for her baby with special needs. “I gave birth to a baby with special needs. At first I did not know that she has special needs, but she was ever sick and crying. When she was 11 months old, she fell very [...]

#10 Meet Penlope

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Meet Penlope, the Community Development Manager who has spent the last 5 years dedicated to promoting sustainable growth in the communities around GSF.  “I used to doubt myself before coming to work at GSF. I was a born again Christian, but I did not fully understand salvation. I had never stood before a congregation and shared [...]

#6 Meet Jennifer

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Meet Jennifer, a member on the GSF Community Development Program. "I came to GSF broken because I had just lost my husband. I found a woman who preached good news in my life about Christ. She led me to Christ. I never remained the same. My house was in bad shape, and GSF put for [...]

#1 Meet Florence

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Meet Florence, a longtime neighbor of GSF and a dedicated kitchen cook for the past 14 years. “Before I was born again, life was not easy. I was so hopeless. Because of a medical condition, I suffered lots of pain, which made life harder for me to take care of my children. I also struggled [...]