Meet Layzell

GSF reached over 11,700 members of the community with food & supplies during the nationwide lockdown. GSF Operations Officer, Layzell, was on the front lines of those distributions. Be encouraged by Layzell’s testimony of how God worked in the midst of this unexpected opportunity to share the gospel!

“I am humbled and awestruck by God’s love, mercy, and grace. Amidst the lockdown as a result of COVID-19, the Lord God enabled us to go and share His love in action, proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness to the neighboring communities. God’s provident hand is unlimited and can never be locked down.

“I have learned to never be silent in a hard situation but to always look and discover the hidden opportunities. I have been encouraged to trust the Lord all the time.

“No matter what you are going through, you can trust our God with the answer. Whether it’s your health, your marriage, negative reports, whatever it may be – always keep praying, asking, and exercising your faith. Whatever He did for us, He will do for you.

“God’s amazing love and grace are beyond our imagination and expectation.” – Layzell, Operations Officer

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