Meet Mercy

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Mercy joined the GSF Tailoring Program in 2019 and is currently working as the Tailoring Program Assistant, teaching others the valuable skill of sewing. “I was born in a Muslim family, and my mom separated with my dad when I was young. I did not want to know about God, but when I entered GSF, that [...]

“David, You Have Really Changed”

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Meet David, who works as head of security at GSF. We thank him for making sure that those at GSF are safe and protected day after day! David began working as a GSF guard in 2014 and was promoted to Head of Security in 2016 because of his talent in management and love for the [...]

Uphill for Uganda

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Hiking Africa’s tallest mountain is a monstrous task; one that takes endurance, agility, and motivation. What better motivation is there than supporting a child here at GSF? Our friend Kristen has been to GSF multiple times and is a bright light on our campus each visit. When planning her hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer, [...]

Freedom in Salvation

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Last Thursday, GSF hosted a Parents’ Meeting to train the relatives of children in residence at Good Shepherd’s Fold. We aim to reunify the GSF kids with their families, but it is our deep desire that the children go home to Christian families. One of the attendees, Fatumah, was Muslim; our social workers had been mentoring her over the last [...]

A Special Appeal

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A Special Appeal In 2016, we have endured a deficit of over $6,000 each month.  Reserve funds have been depleted and we need help to continue forward.  The largest increase in expenses have come in salaries (GSF employs more than 80 Ugandan staff members), children's medical care and outreach programs.Would you consider becoming a monthly [...]

New Staff Housing

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GSF dedicated two new housing units recently. This new house is now home to the GSF matron, Penninah. Penninah oversees all of the house moms and general care of the children living at Good Shepherd's Fold. We are thankful for the way that this new facility enriches the ministry. A sincere thank you for those who contributed to [...]