Community Development

A Fulfilled Need

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Witnessing GSF staff grow from fulfilling job descriptions to becoming vision and mission bearers of the ministry is beautiful. Perhaps one of the most remarkable examples if this is the annual staff outreach. Every year, GSF staff coordinate with a local pastor to identify a spiritual and physical need in the community. The staff then collectively and sacrificially [...]

A Continued Impact

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Have you ever visited Good Shepherd’s Fold? If so, you may recognize David, fondly referred to as “Big David.” David’s service to Good Shepherd’s Fold over the past 25 years has dramatically impacted the ministry. From planting a church in our local community to pouring into the lives of tailoring students through discipleship and training, David [...]

Meet Suzan

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Meet Suzan, a mother who came to know the transforming love of God through the Infant Feeding Program at Good Shepherd’s Fold. “I came to GSF nine months ago with my twins who were severely malnourished. I had lost hope, especially for the boy because he looked lifeless. Good Shepherd’s Fold provided them with food [...]

A Hope Beyond

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Thank you for your outpouring of support to equip the farming families in our community as they recover from another COVID-19 lockdown. Your quick response enabled us to reach 623 subsistence farmers with 11,000 pounds of seeds before the rainy season began. We are praising God for His provision! The seeds were critical, but we [...]

Sowing Seeds

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Nearly 4 weeks ago we asked you to join us in prayer as we navigate another lockdown. With the ramifications of a total lockdown significantly impacting our community, we asked you to pray as we waited on the Lord for His guidance. God is answering your prayers! Uganda is an agricultural society. In rural areas, including where GSF [...]

Cultivating God’s Love

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GSF Community Development seeks to transform communities by engaging, supporting, and empowering the members of surrounding villages. We believe the gospel transforms communities, and it is within the context of relationships that we see faith, hope, dignity, and love gain root. Our approach to community development is relational and in partnership with local churches. Our Community [...]

Meet Kintu

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We grieve alongside this father who recently lost his baby boy, a beneficiary of the GSF Infant Feeding Program. “When we lost our son, I felt so heartbroken. Sometimes we have questions: why did it happen, why us, or why at this point? It hurts us mostly when we see children of the same age as [...]