Food Security

Meet Suzan

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Meet Suzan, a mother who came to know the transforming love of God through the Infant Feeding Program at Good Shepherd’s Fold. “I came to GSF nine months ago with my twins who were severely malnourished. I had lost hope, especially for the boy because he looked lifeless. Good Shepherd’s Fold provided them with food [...]

A Hope Beyond

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Thank you for your outpouring of support to equip the farming families in our community as they recover from another COVID-19 lockdown. Your quick response enabled us to reach 623 subsistence farmers with 11,000 pounds of seeds before the rainy season began. We are praising God for His provision! The seeds were critical, but we [...]

Cultivating God’s Love

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GSF Community Development seeks to transform communities by engaging, supporting, and empowering the members of surrounding villages. We believe the gospel transforms communities, and it is within the context of relationships that we see faith, hope, dignity, and love gain root. Our approach to community development is relational and in partnership with local churches. Our Community [...]

Meet Layzell

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GSF reached over 11,700 members of the community with food & supplies during the nationwide lockdown. GSF Operations Officer, Layzell, was on the front lines of those distributions. Be encouraged by Layzell's testimony of how God worked in the midst of this unexpected opportunity to share the gospel! “I am humbled and awestruck by God’s love, [...]

The Love of Christ for Hungry Souls

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Hello Friends, When the lockdown began to emerge in Uganda, before the first Covid-19 case was even confirmed, we didn't realize that it would eventually shut down most of our programs. The children's home is still fully functional with some limitations, but the schools and all other programs are on hold.  With each restriction introduced, our [...]

A Unified Display of Christ’s Love

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Due to COVID-19, most workplaces are closed across Uganda and non-essential movement is prohibited. Like many places around the world right now, people here are struggling to provide for the basic needs of their families. Over three weeks of shelter-in-place are behind us, but we still have at least 2 more weeks on the horizon. Physical [...]

#25 Meet Sharon

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Meet Sharon, a mother of twins who came to Good Shepherd's Fold seeking help for her son. Sharon's experience at GSF inspired her to put her trust in God! Partner with Us! Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth [...]

#23 Meet Franco

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Meet Franco, the Farm Supervisor here at Good Shepherd's Fold. “My life has changed since coming to work at GSF in 2007. Before I came to GSF, my life was a struggle. When I joined GSF, my life was changed; now I can cater to my family. It is through GSF that I was able [...]

#20 Meet Lazarus

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Meet Lazarus. Lazarus and his wife benefit from the GSF elderly feeding program, a ministry that assists vulnerable elderly in the community by providing basic necessities, discipleship, and training opportunities. "Before my wife and I came to GSF, we were desperate. We had no one to help. We were too old to get a job in the [...]