25 Years

#25 Meet Sharon

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Meet Sharon, a mother of twins who came to Good Shepherd's Fold seeking help for her son. Sharon's experience at GSF inspired her to put her trust in God! Partner with Us! Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth [...]

#24 Meet Claudia

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Meet Claudia, a faithful missionary at GSF who has served the ministry for 21 years. "21 years ago the Lord invited me in a journey with Him with a promise to taste and see His goodness! What a great adventure it has been serving here at GSF since 1998 witnessing God's faithfulness in so [...]

#23 Meet Franco

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Meet Franco, the Farm Supervisor here at Good Shepherd's Fold. “My life has changed since coming to work at GSF in 2007. Before I came to GSF, my life was a struggle. When I joined GSF, my life was changed; now I can cater to my family. It is through GSF that I was able [...]

#22 Meet Penninah

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Meet Penninah, a skilled social worker who has spent the last 6 years ministering to the children in residence at GSF as the Childcare Manager. “I work with the children in residence at GSF on a daily basis, and seeing the housemothers care for the children has inspired me and helped me to embrace motherhood. [...]

#21 Meet Elijah

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Meet Elijah, a missionary kid and student at the GSF International School. “I was only 8 years old when I came to GSF! I wasn’t thinking much about God or the Bible. But having the Bible poured into me has really helped me go to the scripture and be in the presence of God when I [...]

#20 Meet Lazarus

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Meet Lazarus. Lazarus and his wife benefit from the GSF elderly feeding program, a ministry that assists vulnerable elderly in the community by providing basic necessities, discipleship, and training opportunities. "Before my wife and I came to GSF, we were desperate. We had no one to help. We were too old to get a job in the [...]

#19 Meet Miriam

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Meet Miriam, a loving and nurturing caregiver for children in residence at GSF. “I thought God didn’t care about me anymore. I had no work and my family was mad at me for getting pregnant in high school. Through GSF, God has brought back hope, love, and happiness in me. Now I have work, and I [...]

#18 Meet Ruth

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Meet Ruth, a dedicated teacher here at the GSF Nursery School. She’s played an instrumental role in integrating children with special needs into the classrooms at GSF, and we are honored by her service for the last 14 years!   “I came to Good Shepherd’s Fold 14 years ago as a teacher, and the head [...]

#16 Meet Adam

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Meet Adam, a former GSF Primary Student through the GSF Village Scholarship Program and current GSF Scholarship Student. “I used to think that God is not there. I had no hope of going to school after the death of my parents. I stayed with a grandmother who could not afford to send me to school, so she [...]