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So Many Stories: A 2018 End-Of-Year Newsletter

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Having Trouble Reading it? Here's the Newsletter in Text Only: So Many Stories Pictures of redemption are beautiful stories! The challenge is, with so many stories, sharing just one doesn’t give an adequate picture. Here is the overwhelming story I love about GSF… Every week, out here in the sugar cane fields of Uganda, [...]

“David, You Have Really Changed”

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Meet David, who works as head of security at GSF. We thank him for making sure that those at GSF are safe and protected day after day! David began working as a GSF guard in 2014 and was promoted to Head of Security in 2016 because of his talent in management and love for the [...]

Uphill for Uganda

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Hiking Africa’s tallest mountain is a monstrous task; one that takes endurance, agility, and motivation. What better motivation is there than supporting a child here at GSF? Our friend Kristen has been to GSF multiple times and is a bright light on our campus each visit. When planning her hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer, [...]

Fold Focus: Introducing Leticia

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We would like to introduce to you Leticia, one of our GSF girls who is as sweet as her favorite food! She likes the colors pink and red, enjoys swimming, and her favorite food is “sweeties”-- what GSF kids call candy, such as lollipops. Leticia just turned eight this month, and has just transitioned from junior church at GSF [...]

A House to Call Home

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Abandoned. Confused. Desperate. Shakira was at a loss. After giving birth to a precious baby boy, named Fahad, her family immediately disavowed her at the time she needed them most. Why? Fahad was born without arms. Shakira's love for Fahad ran deep, and she went to her aunt for help. Shakira's aunt happened to live in Kikube, [...]

Fold Focus: Meet Zoe

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We welcomed Zoe to GSF this year. The name Zoe means "life," and she is so very full of it! Zoe is a spunky, fun two-year-old who loves to giggle and play with her friends.Would you like to love on Zoe and watch her grow? Consider becoming her sponsor! For $35 a month you can partner with GSF and build a [...]

Congratulations to our Scholarship Students!

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GSF recently celebrated 7 scholarship students (pictured above) who graduated from university! It was a joyous occasion. It was also humbling to hear the students express profound gratitude for the education, discipleship and support they received through the GSF Scholarship Program over the years. We are proud of the academic accomplishments of our students, but we are [...]

Fold Focus: Faziri

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Faziri is quite the social, affectionate, and playful little boy. He has been at GSF since 2011 and has grown dramatic ways, both physically and emotionally. We appreciate Faziri's enthusiastic attitude. He enjoys school, playing with friends, and participating in his Sunday School class. We have watched Faziri grow from a malnourished little one into a [...]

Giving Hope this Giving Tuesday

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Four years old and abandoned by his father, Junior was invisible in his community. Claiming a child with Cerebral Palsy would bring shame to the family. Junior's malnourished and weak body spoke of the neglect and rejection. Junior's life dramatically changed in March when he was brought to live at Good Shepherd's Fold. The young boy who [...]