Childcare and Advocacy

#8 Meet Diana

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Meet Diana, a committed caregiver at the baby house who has served at GSF for over 7 years.  “There a was time we received a baby at the GSF Baby House that was 6 months old, but the baby weighed only 2 kilograms (around 5 pounds). We were surprised and had fear in our hearts. [...]

#5 Meet a Previous Resident

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“Since 1996, God has shown His faithfulness through Good Shepherd’s Fold by providing all of my basic needs for as long as I remember. When I lived at GSF, they gave me food, clothes, shelter. They took me to school. I am grateful for what GSF has done. I do not know how I can [...]

#3 Meet Jeanner

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Meet Jeanner, the residential social worker here at GSF and watch this video to see how God taught her to trust Him! Partner with Us! Over the last 25 years, we have experienced God’s faithfulness in tremendous ways. With a wealth of years to look back on, we have the [...]

Fold Focus: Introducing Leticia

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We would like to introduce to you Leticia, one of our GSF girls who is as sweet as her favorite food! She likes the colors pink and red, enjoys swimming, and her favorite food is “sweeties”-- what GSF kids call candy, such as lollipops. Leticia just turned eight this month, and has just transitioned from junior church at GSF [...]

Giving Hope this Giving Tuesday

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Four years old and abandoned by his father, Junior was invisible in his community. Claiming a child with Cerebral Palsy would bring shame to the family. Junior's malnourished and weak body spoke of the neglect and rejection. Junior's life dramatically changed in March when he was brought to live at Good Shepherd's Fold. The young boy who [...]

Better Together

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Do you remember Joshua? Joshua came to GSF on his first day of life back in February. The tragedy of Joshua's mother dying during childbirth had his family in grief and crisis, and GSF stepped in to provide emergency care. Joshua was with us for less than a month before he fell sick with neonatal sepsis. After an emergency [...]

Fold Focus: Meet Luke

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Luke came to GSF recently when he was only two days old. Thankfully, he weighed five pounds and was in good health. The nurses at GSF stepped into action, assuring that Luke would have an easy transition into life at the GSF Babies' Home. As soon as he arrived, he ate and slept quickly! He now lives in the safety, [...]

One Life at a Time

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A Story from our Team Leader Our monthly staff prayer day was underway on Thursday, February 2 when I received a phone call. Stepping out of the GSF Chapel, I listened to an appeal from a local government leader.  A mother had passed away after giving birth the night before.  The family members are believers, [...]